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Carol is a valued and dedicated partner to clients wishing to sleuth their own truth for increased clarity, success and place of belonging in the world.

Moving from traditional human resource management through a diverse array of coaching, mentoring and facilitation, Carol has been charting her own course of self development, professional purpose and global community since her early twenties. Along the way she developed a process for storymapping in support of personal truth and corporate solutions, one that she is sought out for by individuals and organizations alike.

She has written for industry magazines and is a guest lecturer at universities and colleges. She is a graduate of the Royal Roads University’s Certificate in Executive Coaching (CEC) and holds certification as a Team Coach and a host of assessment tools close to her heart. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), holds her Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) designation and is a member of both the Human Resources Professionals Association in Ontario (HRPA) and the British Columbia Human Resource Management Association (BCHRMA), volunteering as a Member Mentor within both provinces. Carol successfully facilitated a business women’s MasterMIND group at Toronto’s Verity Club for Women for five years, has held story circles and facilitates large group networking/mentoring events and cafes.


It is called a “defining moment.” It’s that point in the story where time slows or stops altogether, where your breath catches for a spell.  What occurs is so important it blanks out all else. In the moments following – if we’re wise enough to take a pause and reflect on what’s just happened – we realize we’ve just found our internal compass to guide us through the uncertainty.  It is an incredibly powerful experience, one we can recreate and build upon, if only we listen for it.

When we turn off the drama and turn up the facts of our story and ask questions that perhaps, we never have, we can bring our truth to the forefront. We might be able to look at our current situation through that lens and say, “I can’t believe I’ve been acting like that. I know where it’s coming from now.” or “I don’t want to change and come what may.” Either way, we know where we are coming from and the potential outcome could be.

We need to unearth these stories, to build our own book of knowing.  Sharing topics like “Let me first tell you how I was raised”, or “Here’s what I most long for”. A lot of people create stories of a future state: “Here’s where I want to be in a year’s time”. Then we ask, “How is that story relevant? Is it still healthy? Will it still get you what you want? Is it a story that served you in the past but does not serve you now?” Doing so helps us know where we’re coming from and have a better sense of where we’re going and how to get there.  It’s our internal spark that ignites and illuminates our journey forward.

To learn more about my story and the storycoaching approach, please download my Healing Journal

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“I wanted to thank you for the advice about public speaking which you provided at my coaching session last month. I was well prepared, asked all the organizers all questions you suggested up front, took the time to physically prepare myself before speaking and then left my anxiety on the chair beside me when I started speaking. The TED talk on vulnerability really was an eye opener for me and made me think about why I fear public speaking. I’m working on it and will continue working on it until the fear is gone. I received an email today from my Assistant Deputy Minister. I can’t tell you how rewarding it felt to know all my hard work had really paid off. I wanted to share what happened with you as you helped me be successful.”

– Manager, Ontario Public Service